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Helicon Photo Safe 2.80

Helicon Photo Safe 2.80: Helicon Photo Safe  is a fully featured image management program. Helicon Photo Safe is a fully featured image management program. It also allows you to protect your private images by encrypting them with a password. No one will be able to see your private photos except those who know the password. You can protect different groups of images with different passwords. You can also hide safes so that nobody even knows that your private photos exist on the computer.

Advanced Image Viewer and Converter 1.6: Powerful image viewer and converter. Supports more than 50 popular image formats
Advanced Image Viewer and Converter 1.6

Advanced Image Viewer and Converter is a powerful image viewer, converter and manipulation tool. It supports more than 50 popular raster, vector and animated image formats. Extra functions: encrypting and decrypting your private images, batch converting and renaming image files with specified rules, making html album, sliding show with 140 special effects and more.

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PicaSafe 2.0: Create password-protected private digital photo albums
PicaSafe 2.0

WANNA HIDE THAT NAUGHTY PICTURES AWAY FROM THE CURIOUS EYE? There are hundreds of ways to hide your private pictures on the computer, but only one of them is really safe. Protect your collections of digital pictures with PicaSafe! Keep. Watch. Hide. Only you control who can see your pictures.

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JustResizeIt plus 2.0: Resize and share your pictures privately with a simple drag and drop
JustResizeIt plus 2.0

You can create widgets that define how the images will be resized. Then just drag and drop one or more images on a widget, waits a few seconds and drag and drops the resized images from the widget into an email, office document or a folder. You can also define where and how to send the images. Each widget can contain a list of email addresses or upload to an online gallery. -- The private sharing of pictures is reduced to a single drag & drop. --

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Find Duplicate Images 4.81: Find Duplicate Images - run the tool to Find Duplicate Images everywhere
Find Duplicate Images 4.81

Find Duplicate Images, just download the program designed to find duplicate images, automatically find duplicate images on computer, smoothly find duplicate images on CDs and flash cards and find duplicate images in all photo and picture collections on your PC. How to find duplicate images? Run the hi-end utility designed to find duplicate images automatically. Find duplicate Images with our tool.

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How to Organize Images 5.39: How to Organize Images - How to organize Images with image organizer tool?
How to Organize Images 5.39

Images - smoothly organize images with image organizing software. The extra best image organizer will show you how to organize images in fully automated mode, how to organize images in image collections, how to organize images in folders and archives, how to organize images on external devices and even how to organize images of any type and size. How to organize images? How to organize images automatically? How to organize images with the best image

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Remove Duplicate Images Pro 9.14: Remove Duplicate Images - with award-winning Software to Remove duplicate images
Remove Duplicate Images Pro 9.14

Remove Duplicate Images - it is now easy to remove duplicate images, all you need is to use special software designed to remove duplicate images on PC. The extra best program to remove duplicate images is this utility. With user-friendly interface and a lot of options it will remove duplicate images with the fastest way. Download our hi-end solution to remove duplicate images on your PC and remove duplicate images everywhere.

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